Personality and stress in a virtual world

John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership, has been gathering your stresses and concerns during the Coronavirus crisis, and he’ll be sharing how these relate to MBTI personality type.


We’ll also take you through:

  • What might cause stress for different personality types in the “new normal”
  • How to spot signs of stress in your team, even without visual cues
  • Techniques to escape the “stress zone”
  • Advice for how to stay psychologically safe while working from home

Stress and stress reactions are unavoidable at a time like this. Recognising this, accepting this and having the tools and language to discuss this is crucial, and exactly the kind of support people are telling us they are looking for.

Who should join?

You don’t have to be MBTI qualified, in fact, we think everyone should know this, so do invite other members of your team.

If you have no idea what the MBTI framework is, there are some brilliant videos on our website to help you, although we will explain a little in the webinar.

If you’re MBTI qualified, you will have covered some of this on your training and we have some great slide decks for you to download, but this is a good refresher.



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