Try Introversion this festive season

Posted 13 December 2019 by
Melissa Summer, PR and Content Marketing Manager, The Myers-Briggs Company

Most holidays aren’t complete without a little family time. We travel 5.6 billion miles to visit almost 257 million friends and relatives over the festive period. In fact, almost 10% of us will travel to at least two different countries to be with loved ones.*

While we all enjoy visiting with family, it can be difficult to stay in the moment when personalities start to clash and differences in preferences become apparent (such as one person with a preference for Judging getting upset when the family member with the Perceiving preference doesn’t want to stick to the schedule, or the family member who wants to keep socializing when a significant other is ready to have a quiet evening at home). One strategy for getting the most out of spending time with family is to practice flexing. When it comes to personality preferences, flexing is the act of consciously trying to accommodate and practice using the opposite preference from the one you favor. Take a look at the four examples of flexing below, and choose one based on your Myers-Briggs preferences to try this holiday season to be more present with your friends and family:

While knowing the MBTI type of everyone in your family might make it easier to understand the differences between family members, the most important person’s type to know is your own. With knowledge of your own type, your self-awareness allows you to see what behaviors might jive and which might clash with other members of your family.

Want to give a friend or family member the gift of self-awareness for themselves? Find out more about MBTI certification.

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