Top MBTI practitioner downloads 2015

Posted 24 December 2015 by
Penny Moyle, CEO at OPP

We are fortunate at OPP to have so many people working with our instruments in both consultancy and training that we accumulate a wealth of experience and ideas that we like to share. Here are some of the most downloaded items from our free practitioner resources area this year. 

Please note some downloads have restricted access and are only available to qualified MBTI practitioners. If you’re not already qualified you can find out more here. If you are not logged in before visiting these links you will be taken to the homepage.


Typies and Type tables

The Typies and Type Tables are easily the most popular downloads. They are enjoyed not only by ‘dyed in the wool’ practitioners, but are also great to share with anyone who knows their four-letter MBTI Type.
Typies capture the essence of each MBTI Type in word and character form
Personal Typies reveal the unique expression of Type provided by MBTI Step II facets
Team Typies use Step II facets to display a team’s combined identity and its flipside, as well as some other practitioner resources to make it easy to bring Step II to life for groups and teams

Our ever expanding set of fun Type tables inspire conversation about the 16 MBTI Types and include Sports Types, Type Tipple and even a Santa Type table especially for Christmas.

Top practitioner downloads 2015

Preview image of infographic

1. Infographic – the power of MBTI

Visual aids are a great way to introduce people to the MBTI framework. It can be tricky to portray just how big an impact MBTI can have on so many application areas. That’s why we created this one-page printable infographic. Using facts, figures, statements and quotes, we’ve summarised why MBTI has a lasting impact, unrivalled versatility and such a great reputation.

2. Type exercises

You might remember these exercises from your MBTI qualification workshop, but did you know that instructions are available to download at any time? And we’re adding more exercises all the time

Top Extraversion-Introversion Exercise: Ideal work environment


A fun group exercise to explore and embrace the differences between Extraversion and Introversion through asking groups to design and present their ideal working environments. The exercise includes some handy facilitator notes on what to look out for while the groups are presenting.

Top Sensing-iNtuition Exercise: Looking at a picture

SN top downloads

S-N is all about how we take in information about the world, and one way to experience and illustrate this is to have individuals recall what they have seen in a picture.  It’s amazing how differently we see the exact same thing! This S-N exercise can be facilitated in three different ways with various sized groups or during a one-to-one feedback session.

Top Thinking-Feeling Exercise: Appreciation and recognition


Anyone unsure of their T-F preference may find observing this group exercise useful in finding clarity as it nicely demonstrates the different approaches to appreciation and recognition of Thinking and Feeling Types. There are some useful language and behaviour tips included in the facilitator notes.

Top Judging-Perceiving Exercise: Attitudes to work and play


We all work and we all play, but how we think about these different activities reveals a great deal about who we are. The exercise download includes some handy facilitator tips for less clear situations as some people find this exercise helpful in finding clarity about which preference best fits them. 

bubblesexercise3. MBTI: Speech and thought bubble exercise

This exercise, including printable posters, enables you to explore the difference between what’s going on ‘on the outside’ and what’s going on ‘on the inside’. The exercise works for individual coaching with pairs. 

funneltopdownload4. MBTI: Managing stress and building resilience

As part of National Stress Awareness day in November we shared our quick guide to building resilience and the guide: Stress doesn’t have to be distressing. It was great to hear your thoughts and see these become some of the most downloaded items of the year!



5. MBTI: Change exercise 

From the MBTI Team Building Programme, this exercise helps a team anticipate and plan to deal with tension and irritations arising from change by exploring different Type views in a specific way.


6. MBTI: Type and Communication 

This exercise, including a sample Communication Style Report, focuses on the Type table’s four functional pairs and the differences in communication style. This exercise is ideal for use with Sales teams but great for any improvements in communication.

getintouchthumbIf there are any additional downloads or exercises that you’d like us to create then let us know by leaving a comment below. We’re always keen to hear your thoughts and to provide new material.