Rebuilding culture in the justice system

Criminal justice organization uses MBTI® training to reunite management after structural reform

Not many organizations doubled in size during the pandemic—but this one did

Originally a public sector organization, this support service within the UK criminal justice system was privatized. When it was brought back into the public sector, the number of employees doubled—all while the pandemic took hold. 

The return to a united service was welcome but it had its challenges, especially given the complexities brought on by the pandemic. A staff survey reported some dissatisfaction and inconsistencies with management.

“We’ve gone through such a lot of change that managers haven’t always understood what advice they should give in certain situations,” says one Head of Service.

To help rebuild organizational culture, an MBTI Management Development program was chosen to help reform the service and reunite management in a people-centric way. 
“We’re a people organization,” says the Head of Service. “We’re not psychologists but we understand psychology and we understand motivation. We’re very interested in people, we work with people, so this kind of material really appealed to the managers who attended.”

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