How to combine personality assessments

Check our ‘Using With’ guides to learn how different assessments work together

Want to be a more versatile practitioner? See how your favorite personality assessments combine and enhance each other with these guides

“My client uses DiSC but I’m an MBTI practitioner—do they overlap?”

“Can I use MBTI with FIRO?”

“Does TKI work well with MBTI for a conflict workshop?”

For practitioners who ask or get asked questions like these, our range of ‘Using With’ guides will be especially useful.

Covering the MBTI®, FIRO®, Strong, CPI 260®, and TKI® assessments and others, the guides show how one assessment overlaps with and complements another. 

They help practitioners provide deeper insights and can help open the door to clients who use different assessments. 

There are 10 ‘Using With’ guides and they’re free to download.

The full list is: