EAWOP Congress 2023

The Myers-Briggs Company takes part in three sessions at this year’s EAWOP Congress in Katowice, Poland, in May

How do we equip ourselves for the changing world of work?

The theme of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) Congress 2023 is The Future is Now: The Changing World of Work.

John Hackston, our Head of Thought Leadership, is presenting two sessions and taking part in a panel discussion, so look out for those if you’re going to the event.

The sessions cover conflict at work, hybrid working, and the regulation of workplace assessments and are on May 26. Here are some more details:

Conflict at work: A survey
This session presents the results of a survey into how people see workplace conflict, using the Thomas-Kilmann (TKI) framework, and recommendations for how people can use knowledge of their own conflict style.

The importance of a discrepancy between preferred and actual proportion of remote working in predicting intention to leave
As part of a wider study into attitudes to remote, hybrid, and non-remote working, this research investigates the factors underlying workers’ intentions to leave their job, especially the impact of back-to-the-office policies.

Workplace assessment cannot be regulated so test publishers will continue to decide what makes a good test and who can use it
This is a panel discussion featuring assessment providers and psychologist associations. Who should be responsible for deciding who should and should not be able to access psychometric assessments? Is the current status quo is fit for purpose?

The event runs from 24–27 May, find out more at EAWOP Congress 2023.