BAPT conference celebrates 100 years of type

It’s 100 years since C.G. Jung published Psychological Types

This year is a landmark anniversary for personality type. And the BAPT conference knows it.

In 1921, Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung published Psychological Types. It’s the book that inspired Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers to develop Jung’s ideas and launch the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment.

BAPT (British Association for Psychological Type) is marking the occasion at their 2021 conference with the theme, 100 Years of Type. 

The event is online and takes place 15–18 April—read more and get the program details.

Among the presenters is The Myers-Briggs Company’s Head of Thought Leadership, John Hackston. He’ll draw on recent research into type and COVID-19 to explore relationships between type, pandemics, and society.

Read the session overview and book your place.