New Myers-Briggs® App launched

Put self-awareness into action – anytime, anywhere!

MBTI® practitioners can now give participants instant access to accurate MBTI type information with a new Myers-Briggs® App.

According to a Deloitte study*, nearly 95 percent of people with smartphones pick up their phone an average of 52 times a day. Information needs to be accessible to be useful, and the new Myers-Briggs® App puts the most valuable MBTI personality data at people’s fingertips.

The Myers-Briggs® App helps people:

The accessibility of personality insights on the app promotes greater use and under-standing of MBTI type. In turn, this makes it easier for organisations to reinforce the benefits of MBTI-based people development, keeping the learning going long after the training or event has finished.  

App users better understand the strengths, blind spots, likes and work preferences of the different personality types. And can use the app’s on-the-spot guidance ahead of any person-to-person interaction to build positive relationships.

The Myers-Brigg® App is available for practitioners to download through the Apple store and Google Play. 

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*Deloitte 2019 Global Mobile Consumer Survey