Changing the way we do business

March is B Corp™ Month! ‘Trust and transparency’ is the theme for 2020

Being a Certified B Corporation® is something we’re very proud of. Now that B Corp Month 2020 has arrived, here’s an overview of our B Corp™-inspired activity over the last year

Partnering with PACT

We chose Parents and Children Together (PACT) to be our first official charity partner and extended the partnership from 12 to 18 months. It’s been hugely rewarding. 

As well as fundraising and donating to their Alana House project, we made a real difference to their adoption work too. Our consultants helped PACT to recruit a Head of Adoption, designed and delivered a leadership team development program, and created a Building Resilient Families workshop for potential adopters. The workshop was designed to be sustainable so that PACT could run the workshop themselves. 

Read our Making a Social Impact blog post to get the PACT story. 

Reducing the packaging on our products

In our ongoing effort to reduce our impact on the environment, we’ve looked at different ways to reduce the packaging and/or change the materials in our products. 
The MBTI Group Feedback Kit is now packed in a recyclable cardboard box and has fewer materials, and soon we’ll be launching plastic-free MBTI Facilitation Kits

Look out for a blog post in May with more details on our packaging efforts.

Launching company-wide volunteer days

As part of our contributions to the community, we’ve given every full-time employee two volunteer days per year. To encourage as large a take-up as possible, we’ve made it part of our corporate targets. And in 2019, our UK and European offices supported 19 charities through this initiative. 

Promoting other B Corps

Our Oxford office has formed a working group with other Oxford B Corps so we can help each other and build momentum behind the B Corp movement. And at Christmas, we showcased other B Corps so our employees could shop a little more ethically if they wanted.

There is plenty more happening and we look forward to sharing our next update. The more people talk about B Corporations and get involved, the more chance we have of changing the way the world does business.

Read about the B Corp movement and get in touch if you have any questions about the journey towards certification. Happy B Corp Month!