Celebrate introverts on January 2!

January 2 is World Introvert Day. Here are some reasons to acknowledge the quieter half of the world’s population

After all the socializing and planning that comes with Christmas and New Year, many of us will still feel like we need a break

This is probably even more true for the world’s introverts. And this is why January 2 is official World Introvert Day.

Launched in 2011, World Introvert Day offers a moment to recognize those people who get their energy from reflection, their inner world and some time away from people.  

Such awareness is especially useful now when we return to work in the New Year. After all, the workplace tends to favor extraverts. Open-plan offices are the norm, yet research shows that the negative impact is greater for introverts. ‘Brainstorm’ meetings typically don’t get the best from introverts either. 

And with around half of the world’s population being introverted, that means there’s a lot of unused potential.  

Use these resources to prepare and get ready for World Introvert Day 2020.

Let’s get to know introverts a little better.