Cheering girls’ football

Support young footballers with us – we’re sponsoring two leagues in the Oxford Mail Girls Football League

Football, friends and fun…the 2019 youth football season is underway in Oxfordshire

The Myers-Briggs Company is proud to support young female footballers in Oxfordshire. We’re sponsoring the Under 10s and Under 12s girls’ teams in the Oxford Mail Girls Football League (OMGFL).

With more than 60 teams from 26 clubs, the league is home to more than 800 players across Oxfordshire. It’s run by volunteers, so we’re thrilled to support girls’ football at a grass roots level. 

Our sponsorship helps with the cost of:

It also means we provide the name for the Under 10 and Under 12 leagues. Look out for it, see the other sponsors and find out more about girls’ football in Oxfordshire