Using virtual workshops for global staff development

See how our consultants helped two international organizations to deliver development sessions remotely

In this round-up of recent consultancy highlights, we look at an issue that’s increasingly popular with clients: virtual development

Global FIRO sessions boost staff development
The new CEO of an international company in the cleaning products sector wanted to develop an in-house team of FIRO-qualified practitionersThe FIRO tool would enhance understanding and strengthen relationships, provide a common language across the organization, and help people to respect and value the diversity within teams and the organization.

But the CEO needed a partner to help develop the FIRO team. And with offices in the UK and Australia, a virtual solution was required. So, our consultants designed a virtual FIRO delivery program to provide high-level FIRO introductions to audiences in both locations. Different types of groups attended the sessions – people on the company’s mentoring scheme was one, the global senior finance team was another – and the material was adapted for each group’s objectives.  

Global MBTI sessions reach nearly 500 people 
An international bank needed introduction to MBTI sessions for almost 500 people as part of its VP Acceleration Programme for 2019.  

Virtual sessions were successfully delivered last year by our consultants and are now embedded in this client’s global talent programme, which reaches the UK, Asia Pacific, Germany, EMEA and the US.

This year, an extra element has been added to the MBTI sessions. It was noted that not all participants manage to reach MBTI best fit by the end of the introductory webinar. To address this point, we created additional Applying MBTI Insights webinars, which follow the introduction. These extra webinars give participants the opportunity to ask questions, explore how elements of their type apply in their role, and consider how to apply insights and better understand personal leadership style.