Contractors collaborating

See how we helped a client prepare for procurement in this round-up of recent activity by our consultants

Selection processes, team mergers and leadership development are three areas where our consultants have helped clients in recent weeks.

Contractors collaborating better
A public sector organisation wanted a new model of assessment for their next large procurement. They recognised that successful contract delivery on large-scale projects requires suppliers to work collaboratively, which means behavioural assessment needs to be built in to the selection process. Our consultants were called in to create an assessment model based on the client’s own behavioural framework – a substantial piece of work. We introduced behavioural elements to the selection process, created assessment materials, and trained our client's employees in how to conduct interviews and deliver the assessments with a behavioural mindset. 

Team merger in media publishing
Due to the competitive nature of the online media industry, our client – a news publisher – had to make structural changes and combine two commercial teams. To help the teams integrate quickly, we used the MBTI tool. This was to help people capture their personality insights, accelerate their understanding of each other and improve cross-team working quickly. It was a large undertaking: 180 client employees took part.

Virtual coaching for leaders
Our client’s rapid business growth has led to its leadership needing some development work. Delegating, giving clear direction, acting with agility and improving people skills are some of the areas exposed by the company’s fast growth. Leadership development is their focus now. We designed a coaching programme based on MBTI Step II that we're piloting with four leaders. It looks at each leader’s self-awareness, the impact of their behaviour on others, how to cope with stress, and how to develop their own skills. The coaching sessions begin with a face-to-face self-discovery session, followed by six virtual coaching sessions.