The power of teams

Round-up of recent activity out in the field by our consultants

Team development has been popular request for our consultants lately

As ever, our consultants work with a range of clients. Here are a handful of recent highlights where team development has been the focus.

Manufacturing talent

A large team of OPP consultants travelled to Dublin last month to deliver a development centre for a well-known food manufacturing company. Our client identified an emerging talent population of 21 individuals and asked OPP to design and deliver a centre for these ‘rising stars’, with the aim of identifying strengths and development needs to inform development planning. 
The OPP project manager designed the centre, interviewing key stakeholders to inform the criteria to be assessed, creating brand new resources tailored to the client, and combining off-the-shelf exercises with bespoke ones to create a centre that aligns with the organisation’s culture. Participants had the opportunity to practise their presentation skills, address a challenging situation in a role-play situation, and receive feedback from peers in a safe environment. The aim is to be better equipped to build on strengths, maximise potential and play a role leading the business into future growth.

Charity team development

After attending a large team event we facilitated last year, the manager of a smaller department of our charity client asked for a similar experience for his own team. We delivered an MBTI team session to focus on how to improve communication and use time and resources more effectively while becoming a truly high-performing team.

High impact FIRO  

Our consultants also designed and delivered a FIRO-based team development session for a leading pet food manufacturer. High impact and practical, the session allowed the team to discuss issues together, learn about their interpersonal styles, and what the impact of their styles is. Our consultant worked with participants’ own examples, so that insights could be applied in a way that was relevant to the team’s specific context.