Fast and virtual

Round-up of recent activity out in the field by our consultants

It’s been a varied few weeks for our consultants – virtual feedback, team development and MBTI-related sales training are among the many sessions delivered recently

Virtual feedback

OPP consultants stepped in at the last minute to deliver a virtual session for a global business software company, facilitating an interactive, virtual MBTI group feedback for a group of interns on our client’s internal induction programme. The session introduced participants to the MBTI framework, increasing their awareness of their preferred working style and appreciation of the value of different styles and preferences.

Distillery teams 

OPP consultants have worked with three more teams from an independent distillery over the past two months, as our returning client works to embed the MBTI assessment further within their organisation. 

The first was a newly formed team based across England, Ireland and Scotland. Team members had individual targets but needed to collaborate effectively to be successful in a constantly changing environment. They came away from our session with an action plan for how to use their individual differences to be more effective and support each other to succeed.

The second team had expanded from a team of three to a team of nine. A cohesive group identity was the focus so we designed an MBTI-based session to help team members to understand themselves and relate to each other better. Team diversity, flexing behaviour and building strong relationships were all covered.  

The third session was with another newly formed team facing a tough commercial challenge. Our high impact MBTI-based session allowed the team to discuss issues and gain insight into their personal style and impact, while having some fun together. 

Finland ice-breaker

Our consultants travelled to Finland to deliver an executive team development session for a global energy company. Our client had requested an icebreaker event based around the MBTI assessment for a new team of 27 leaders, and our session helped those leaders to understand and appreciate the value of different styles and preferences within the team.

Executive development

Elsewhere in the field of executive team development, our client wanted to build on an already high-performing team so they could work even more effectively and tackle shifts in their market. We designed a team event to build relationships, foster constructive challenge, establish a clear sense of team purpose and explore how the team could work together in order to achieve their business objectives.

Step II for conflict

A growing company on a mission to make sustainable beauty affordable approached OPP for MBTI team development. Having already experienced MBTI Step I and identified a need to explore communication needs and potential conflict triggers, our client wanted to build on this with a Step II-based session. Our session aim was to deepen team members’ understanding of the differences between their preferred ways of working, and explore approaches to conflict, communication and problem-solving. 

MBTI sales training

A global organisation in the pharmaceuticals industry asked OPP to develop a module they could use in their internal sales training programme. Industry changes are expected to have an impact on how our client sells products, and making quick connections with their customers will be vital. Our module developed participants’ MBTI understanding so they could build client relationships more effectively, use MBTI type to identify useful strategies, and learn how to adjust style to maximise sales impact.