Increasing social mobility in the legal profession

OPP donates MBTI assessments to support Legal Social Mobility Partnership

LSMP is a collaboration between law firms, blue chip companies and professional sports teams to help young people from less privileged backgrounds start a career in the legal profession.

For the third successive year, OPP is supporting LSMP with free MBTI assessments for students at the London, Manchester and Leeds events, which take place throughout the summer.

The aim of LSMP

Founded in 2014 by ITV, the commercial television network, LSMP has grown rapidly from just 20 students in its first year to more than 300 participants in 2017. Its aim is to broaden access to careers in the legal profession for young adults whose backgrounds might limit their opportunities.

Training and support for students

The programme consists of a week of training, followed by alumni support. The training features intensive skills training coupled with work insights. Students visit four different blue chip companies, spending a day with each, and they have a day with a professional sports team to learn about the psychology of resilience and how to achieve goals.

The role of MBTI assessments

By gaining self awareness and understanding MBTI personality type, students learn to recognise their own strengths and blind spots, and this helps to improve communication, decision-making, resilience and team work. As part of the LSMP programme, MBTI insights equip students to find personal and professional success.

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