Global delivery

OPP's consultants reach hundreds of participants with virtual delivery – find out more in the May round-up

Banking, healthcare and higher education were the key sectors for our consultants last month

Banking: MBTI introductions

As part of their internal talent development programme, a large European bank wanted an introduction to the MBTI instrument that could be delivered virtually to hundreds of participants. Our consultants designed a bespoke interactive webinar and successfully delivered it six times in two different languages for attendees across the UK, Europe, the US and the Asia Pacific.

Healthcare: leadership coaching and team development

A senior director in the healthcare sector received individual coaching to help them explore their strengths and areas for developmental focus. Our consultant used the CPI 260 instrument to start a plan for personal development.

In the same sector but for a different client, our consultants delivered a team development event for a charitable foundation. The team experiences frequent change and wanted to use the MBTI instrument to develop collaborative working relationships. The session allowed team members to develop their self-awareness, to understand and appreciate difference, and to explore how to adapt their communication skills.

Higher education: leadership with MBTI Step II

In education, our consultant has laid the foundations for a series of leadership coaching sessions for a university registrar and secretary. The university is keen to help this high performing leader to explore the next steps in their development. Given the client’s desire to explore their full potential and identify future opportunities in their role, OPP designed a programme that integrates the MBTI Step II instrument.