ISA welcomes MBTI publisher

CPP, Inc. joins the board of ISA, the Association for Learning Providers

MBTI publisher begins term with association that supports professionals in the training, learning and consulting industry

CPP, Inc., the US publisher of the MBTI questionnaire and owner of the FIRO, Strong, TKI and CPI instruments, now has a place on the board of ISA, the Association for Learning Providers, in the United States.

Jeff Hayes, President and CEO of CPP, Inc., explains a little about his decision and what it means:

“I was invited to join ISA five years ago by Cedric Crocker of Pfeiffer Publishing. After learning more about the organization, I decided to have CPP join. Why? Because ISA is the only association that is devoted exclusively to helping executives in the training, learning and performance consulting industry grow their business. I was particularly interested in being part of an association that was dedicated to helping companies in our space be successful. While this also meant that some of our competitors would also be members, I thought it would be a great learning experience and a great resource for the company.”

This marks the start of a three-year term with ISA for Mr Hayes, who added, “I am very excited, and I consider it a true honor and a privilege to be on the board.”

OPP Ltd, the European distributor of the MBTI questionnaire, became a subsidiary of CPP, Inc. in 2016.