Danish communication

In our latest case study, telecommunications company TDC talk about their use of the MBTI instrument

A seven-year history of using the MBTI instrument means it has become part of the culture at TDC in Denmark

Some organisations adopt a psychometric tool and really embed it into their people development processes. TDC, the Danish telecommunications company whose subsidiary brands include YouSee, Telmore, Fullrate and Blockbuster, is one such organisation.

In the seven years it has been using the MBTI assessment, TDC has applied it to communication, team development, conflict management and leadership development programmes.

“It is very concrete and present and it can be related to the individual participants,” says HR partner Katrine Frovin Jørgensen. “It is not a theoretical universe. It is about you and me.”

To hear more from the HR partners at TDC Denmark talking about the positive experiences of using the MBTI assessment in a large telecommunications company, including its impact on employee wellbeing, read the TDC case study.