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Free resources and products for MBTI Step I practitioners

OPP-qualified practitioners can now access a wide range of resources through a new MBTI Step I Knowledge Bank

In our continuing mission to support MBTI practitioners, OPP has launched the MBTI Step I Knowledge Bank.

Free resources for MBTI practitioners

This Knowledge Bank is for practitioners who have qualified on the MBTI Step I Foundation Programme. The resources include six videos to help with delivering one-to-one feedback, Type exercises, slides to use in group feedback sessions, and access to the most useful OPP resources for newly-qualified practitioners such as webcasts, posters and blog posts.

MBTI Step I Knowledge Bank contents

Here are the sections of the new Knowledge Bank:

These resources support OPP’s MBTI Step I Foundation Programme and help practitioners to get the most from their Step I qualification.

The MBTI Step I Knowledge Bank is for qualified practitioners only, accessible through the Knowledge Centre.