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Virtual team development for global client – find out more in our consultants’ round-up

Our monthly round-up from OPP’s consultants covers team development, high performance and building resilience

It’s been a varied few weeks for our consultants, but with a little less travel than usual – thanks to the power of technology.

Different zones: virtual team development

OPP consultants broke new ground recently with a virtual training session. Though not our first virtual delivery, it was the first to reach so many people in so many different locations – 24 people from nine locations across Europe and Asia. The session, which was for a returning medical technology client, helped participants to explore behaviours associated with high performing teams, and to gain a shared understanding of how their own team rated itself against such behaviours. Key strengths and priority development areas were identified to help our client focus on high performance.

High flyers: using business and sport to enhance performance in aviation

OPP’s consultants have also been designing a performance enhancement course for a returning client in the aviation industry. The course covers a range of coaching skills and techniques, and builds on psychological principles from the worlds of business and sport. It focuses on what makes people successful and what makes high performers thrive.

Engineering resilience: talent development using stress awareness

Elsewhere, our consultants have delivered a resilience workshop in the engineering manufacturing sector. This client had its own talent development programme, but experienced a drop in positive feedback about the personal resilience element – so they approached OPP about taking it on. We designed and delivered a session to help build resilience at work by identifying stress triggers, working on strategies for coping with stress, and developing awareness of how other people’s triggers may differ from their own.

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