European adventures

Global drinks company chooses FIRO-B team development – read more in our consultants’ round-up

Our monthly round-up from OPP’s consultants covers leadership, teams and self awareness

Adventures in Poland: team development using the FIRO-B instrument

OPP’s consultants delivered a team development session in Poland for a major global drinks manufacturer. Having already experienced and been impressed by the FIRO-B instrument, the client approached OPP to design a FIRO-B session for 30 individuals as part of an upcoming team event focusing on core strategy, team integration and strategic processes.

Consumer power: leadership development with emotional intelligence

‘A strong leadership team’ is what our client in the consumer research sector wanted to build so that they could drive a new period of growth. Using the MBTI and EJI instruments, our consultants provided one-to-one development for each team member and wrote an individual development report for each leader. A team session will follow so that the team can work together in an emotionally intelligent way.

Health awareness: using the MBTI instrument for business challenges 

This month has also seen the conclusion of a series of MBTI development modules for a large healthcare charity. In 2014, our consultants designed workshops specifically to focus on raising self-awareness through the MBTI instrument and to apply this knowledge to a number of challenges such as change management or communication. After successful delivery throughout 2015, our consultants further expanded the programme for this year. The final workshop in the series focused on emotional intelligence and decision-making.

Awards recognition: OPP shortlisted for excellence

OPP were shortlisted finalists in three categories of this year’s Association for Business Psychology (ABP) Workplace Experience Awards. Although we didn’t win, we were thrilled to be recognised and delighted to deliver two speaking slots at the ABP conference itself.