MBTI qualification training in Birmingham

Extra course dates offer Step I and Step II qualification in just 5 weeks

Combined MBTI certification programmes deliver practitioner differentiation and 10% cost saving

Due to popular demand, our 2016 MBTI training schedule has again been boosted by extra qualification programmes. The additional Step I and Step II courses will be held at Etc Venues in central Birmingham, close to Birmingham New Street station and within easy reach of public parking.

Extra MBTI course dates

MBTI Foundation Programme: 31 Oct–2 Nov + 28 Nov
This course will qualify you to administer the MBTI Step I questionnaire, and equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to apply the MBTI framework to a range of common business challenges.

Equivalent to 43 CPD hours

MBTI Step II Qualifying Programme: 29–30 Nov
This course will unlock the unique insights of the MBTI Step II questionnaire, enabling you to explore the uniqueness of an individual’s four-letter Type and facilitate deep understanding of personality difference.

Equivalent to 18 CPD hours

Boosting your practitioner toolkit

As the Step II training course follows on directly from the last day of the Step I programme, these additional dates provide a rare opportunity for HR and Learning and Development professionals to qualify in both MBTI instruments in just five weeks. Dual qualification in both MBTI Step I and Step II is an excellent differentiator and provides competitive advantage in delivering development programmes to individuals and teams.

Participants booking onto both programmes also qualify for 10% off the course fees – a saving of over £400.

How to book

For more information and to book a place on both courses, please call +44 (0)1865 404610.