Technology, teams and MBTI training

OPP consultants deliver team development training to gaming app creators

Two companies from the technology sector receive MBTI training – one to develop their team, the other to develop their leaders

The first of our MBTI-themed training sessions is for a leading mobile entertainment company which creates gaming applications. Our consultants designed and facilitated a development event for their Player Insights team.

The aim of the session was to develop the team’s awareness of preferences, to understand and respect different personality styles, and to learn how this influences the way individuals work. Exercises within the session focused on how the team can communicate more effectively as a virtual team, and how to use Type to understand different kinds of player.

Our consultants also continued working with bChannels, a specialist global technology company based in Oxford. Having begun to explore personality through the MBTI framework and through a group introduction to the leadership development programme, each individual will now receive in-depth 360° feedback about strengths and development needs in relation to the bChannels Leadership Behaviours.