OPP consultants out and about and coaching

Coaching in the aviation, construction, retail and not-for-profit sectors

Coaching features highly this week as our consultants deliver training sessions in a variety of sectors.

We continue to work with a cohort of coaches in the aviation sector to develop the quality of the internal supervision they receive. This work focuses on best practice in coaching supervision and ensures ongoing high quality coaching delivery to their leaders.

We are also working with coaches internal to a large organisation this week to draw on the MBTI framework and Core Characters, and to further develop their coaching practice.

Elsewhere in coaching, the consultancy team continue their work with individuals in very different sectors. This includes construction, retail and the not-for-profit sector. The content of these sessions is tailored to suit individual needs, allowing coaches to support coachees through a breadth of areas such as organisational change, leadership development, or managing different personalities and others’ emotions.

Keep up to date with our consultants, and see the OPP blog for an enlightening introduction to Core Characters.