OPP consultants out and about: in pharmacy and healthcare

TKI and MBTI training for leaders and directors in pharmacy and healthcare

Our consultants return to ongoing programmes with two clients this week.

The first client is a large community pharmacy network conflictwhere we are delivering a leadership development programme that was launched in 2014. This week, our consultants are preparing to deliver the third of four two-day workshops.

These workshops incorporate the TKI tool to explore individual approaches to conflict, and alternative ways to handle different conflict situations. Through this, delegates develop their ability to deal with conflict and difficult conversations in a positive way. They also learn, to empathise and get the most out of a conversation, and to recognise the emotions and behaviours that happen in people when going through change.

Elsewhere in healthcare, our consultants are delivering individual MBTI telephone feedbacks for a group of directors, in preparation for an upcoming MBTI workshop with their wider team. This is to support a forthcoming team development session where the directors will be sharing their insights into their profiles with each other, and exploring the implications of their team Type and how they can work together more effectively. 

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