OPP consultants: healthcare and not-for-profit

Self awareness, strengths and handling pressure using MBTI insights

This week, our consultants are delivering the second of eight MBTI development modules for a not-for-profit organisation.

In 2014, our consultants designed workshops specifically small team talkto focus on raising self-awareness through the MBTI and to apply this knowledge to a number of challenges, such as change management or decision-making. After successful delivery throughout 2015, our consultants have now further expanded the programme for this year.

Last month, the ‘Getting to Know Yourself Better’ module helped delegates to raise their self-awareness, both to develop their understanding of how others differ in their preferred ways of working, and to apply these insights to their specific organisational context.

This week’s module is ‘Embracing Change’. The workshop provides participants with a foundation for recognising their strengths. It offers a positive way of looking at change and a constructive framework to help participants understand how they differ from others. It provides valuable insight into how they may be perceived, and paves the way to developing more effective working relationships. The programme continues in April with the ‘Courageous Conversations’ module.

Elsewhere, our consultants are delivering an MBTI workshop for a team of directors in the healthcare sector. They are facing significant pressures in delivering their services and so we are supporting them to work together more effectively to avoid passing this pressure on to others. Given that these directors work and manage across large geographical areas, we are also working with them to share and leverage their MBTI insights to work together effectively.  

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