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MBTI insights and self awareness in the not-for-profit sector

This week, OPP’s consultants are delivering the first of eight MBTI modules of an ongoing development programme in the not-for-profit sector.

The client organisation’s Learning and Development Team woman in front of blackboard covered in question markswas very aware of the benefits that the MBTI instrument could bring, and wanted to use it to fill gaps in self awareness, self reflection and interpersonal skills at an organisational level.

Last year, our consultants designed workshops specifically to focus on raising self-awareness through the MBTI tool. They also looked at how to apply this knowledge and awareness to a number of challenges, such as change management or decision-making.

After successful delivery throughout 2015, our consultants have now further expanded the programme for this year.

This week’s module is called ‘Getting to know yourself better’. It aims to raise each participant’s awareness of their own personality preferences and core strengths, to develop their understanding of how others differ in their preferred ways of working, and to apply these insights in their organisational context.

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