Celesio – a case study in healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Celesio UK, which owns LloydsPharmacy, has been working with OPP to incorporate the MBTI and TKI instruments into their leadership development programme

LloydsPharmacy needed a development programme for their leaders which would help the group to handle the challenges and the changes that come with delivering customer service in a fast moving, rapidly changing environment.

They decided to work with OPP to explore how to implement celesio logothe MBTI and TKI instruments, and you can read all about it here.

Feedback for the programme was extremely positive, as this quote demonstrates:

“Any kind of programme based around raising self-awareness training always means participants have ‘wow’ moments”, said one of the HR Business Partners. “I saw the guys have many light bulb moments.”

Look out for further analysis of the highlights of this case study in the near future.