New Typies notebooks and cloths

Check our Typies-branded notebooks and glasses/screen cloths – they’re available now in the OPP shop.

If you’re looking for useful, colourful giveaways for your MBTI training sessions, what could be better for remembering Type than our new branded notebooks and cloths?

The Typies notebooks are A5 in size and wiro-bound, and A5 Notebookthey’ve got the Type table on the front cover – ideal for Type-enthused participants in your training sessions. The notebooks are available in packs of 10 from the OPP shop.

The Typies cloths are a great Type-friendly reminder when cleaning glasses, phones or other touch-screen devices because they too feature a handy Type table. As with the notebooks, the cloths are available in packs of 10 and are available right now from the OPP shop.

French and Dutch language versions of both items are also available.

And if you want more ideas for spreading the word about Type, don’t forgetLens cloth our Typies and fun Type tables!