MBTI practitioners invited to expand expertise

Training bundle adds both breadth and depth to MBTI® development work

For a limited time, two of OPP's popular MBTI workshops are being combined in an irresistable bundle for MBTI-qualified practitioners looking to build their understanding and application of the instrument.

The MBTI Step II Qualifying Programme and Type Dynamics in Action workshop are popular choices for MBTI practitioners looking to deepen and broaden their knowledge of the MBTI framework. The MBTI Step II questionnaire facilitates a rich and unique development journey for end users, taking them far beyond their four-letter Type by exploring facets within each preference pair; while expert knowledge of Type Dynamics enables greater understanding of how the MBTI preferences work together.

Practitioners looking to enhance their professional credentials by attending both training programmes during the remainder of 2015 can now benefit from a 50% discount on the Type Dynamics course - terms and conditions apply.

Step II Qualifying Programmes are being run monthly through to December in Leeds, London and Oxfordshire. There are two further Type Dynamics in Action workshops scheduled this year, 29-30 October in Oxfordshire and 26-27 November in Leeds.

To take advantage of this offer, enter ‘EXPERT15’ when booking online or call +44 (0) 1865 404610.