Knowledge Bank for MBTI Step II

One-stop shop offers invaluable free resources and products for MBTI® Step II practitioners

OPP-qualified MBTI Step II practitioners can now access a wide range of resources through a new Step II Knowledge Bank.

MBTI Step II knowledge bank screenshotThe resources include a learning zone, with videos exploring Step II profiles and the various facets. There are also links to slides, exercises, facet discussion sheets and other reusable resources. In addition, practitioners can access Personal and Team Typies from here, and buy reusable posters to liven up training rooms.

These various resources support OPP’s updated MBTI Step II Qualifying Programme. They help to get the most from the practitioner’s Step II expertise, enhancing personal insight, performance and effectiveness for their clients.

The Step II Knowledge Bank is for qualified practitioners only, accessible through the Practitioner resources page of

We will be adding to the contents as and when new Step II resources are developed.