16PF Comprehensive Insights Report

This premium 16PF® report helps you understand an individual’s 16PF profile and how it can affect their workplace behaviours and decisions

Formerly known as the 16PF Practitioner Report, this comprehensive report does what it says on the label

16PFIn addition to its detailed narrative interpretation, the 16PF Comprehensive Insights Report also provides identification of strengths, developmental tips, and shareable feedback sections for both the respondent and the line manager.

Practitioners benefit from the report’s feedback prompts, based on the candidate’s answers to the 16PF questionnaire.

The sections of the report intended for the candidate and their line manager explain the results in non-technical language for those who are unfamiliar with 16PF terminology.

Note: the Comprehensive Insights Report is a rebranding of the Practitioner Report, with a name that better reflects the scope of the report’s contents. The actual content of the report remains the same.

The report is available to all qualified 16PF practitioners.