Typies, Personal Typies and Type heads now in German

These free, downloadable MBTI type pictograms are now available in German

OPP Typies, Personal Typies and Type heads are a colourful, fun way to engage individuals with type concepts and bring type to life.

Simple, impactful, and with hidden depths, the Typies capture the essence of each MBTI type in word and character form.

Personal Typies take this concept to the next level. Anyone who has taken the MBTI Step II assessment can input their scores and generate a Personal Typie, a unique expression of your in-depth MBTI type in a meaningful but fun format.

Type heads have proved extremely popular in the original English version. Each one features a word cloud encapsulating some chief characteristics of the specific MBTI type.

The resources can all be accessed via the Lustige Methoden, wie Sie Ihren Typ teilen können page of OPP’s German website.

In addition to all this, you can find all available OPP German language practitioner materials via the Wissenszentrum – the German version of our new Knowledge centre. It provides quick-search access to all OPP materials, with filters for required tool, resource type, business need and language.