OPP announces unique online tool to support hiring decisions

Sirius has been designed to help organisations of all sizes make better selection decisions.

Sirius offers invaluable and affordable HR assistance to small and medium-sized companies, and enables recruiting managers in larger organisations to screen high volume applications and make better selection decisions.

Sirius logoAccording to a recent careerbuilder.com survey, bad hires are a thorn in the side of 62% of UK companies, with 27% reporting related costs in excess of £50,000. The effects of recruiting the wrong people include lost productivity, damage to employee morale and damaged client relations.

Sirius helps organisations to streamline and dramatically improve their selection process, enabling recruiting managers to identify ‘best fit’ candidates. It also supports the process of making fair, objective and cost-effective recruitment decisions.

Using a unique combination of personality assessment and ability testing (powered by the 16PF® and Matrigma® instruments), Sirius compares and rank-orders candidates based on their personality fit with the role. It also provides a range of comprehensive reports supporting screening, shortlisting, interviewing and onboarding candidates.

Penny Moyle, CEO at OPP, comments: “Sirius is a ground-breaking product that helps companies avoid the cost and damage that can result when the wrong person is selected for a job. It offers a true and objective appraisal of a potential employee’s strengths, skills and abilities before an offer is made.

"The launch of Sirius on 18 February will be an important step for OPP, and continues our mission to help organisations unlock potential and make the most of their people.”

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