Neuroscience and personality: new webcast

Brain savvy basics: the brain science behind personality

Join UCLA researcher and author Dario Nardi on 18 September as he delivers a complimentary webcast from the cutting edge of neuroscience and personality.

Dario Nardi webcast Using colourful slides and humorous anecdotes from his lab, Dario will introduce the latest insights and discuss:

The complimentary webcast takes place live at 3pm (BST) on Wednesday 18 September. Register your place on Brain-savvy basics: the brain science behind personality here.

Dario Nardi, PhD, is a researcher at UCLA and owner of Radiance House, a books and media publishing company. Dario has been an MBTI® certified type user since 1994 and is author and co-author of numerous type-related books including Neuroscience of Personality and 8 Keys to Self-Leadership. His background includes Japanese, games, creative writing, and aerospace engineering.