MILO – new online resource for MBTI® and type

New online catalogue system brings MBTI and type-related information to your fingertips.

MILO is a monument to the many authors whose research has made the MBTI the world’s most widely used personality assessment.

MILO logo bannerThis ever-growing resource is the Centre for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT)’s new online catalogue system for the Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library. It brings enhanced levels of information and accessibility to MBTI practitioners worldwide. It also includes free access to The Journal of Psychological Type® searchable database.

Currently in the beta release phase, with more items being added daily, MILO is set to replace CAPT’s old Bibliography Search facility. It’s a resource on a scale that other instruments simply can’t match, representing many years of research and development of the MBTI instrument and related type materials.

The name MILO stands for “Mary & Isabel’s Library Online”, named after the co-founders of CAPT: Dr. Mary McCaulley and Isabel Briggs Myers.

Check out the MILO site here.