Introducing the 16PF® competency selector

Customising 16PF Competency Reports to match every role

The 16PF Competency Report provides information about a respondent's likely fit on a range of skills and aptitudes.

new 16PF competency report16PF practitioners can now order customised reports using the self-service 16PF competency selector. They can select from 20 available competencies to generate customised reports for specific job roles, tailoring reports to the requirements of each role. This new functionality on OPP’s online administration platform, OPPassessment, also allows customers to personalise the 16PF Competency Report further by adding a specific name and logo when ordering.

The 16PF Competency Report can be ordered by qualified 16PF practitioners. Report customisation is currently only available in English.

This fast, self-service option is available through OPPassessment at no additional cost.