New format for MBTI qualifying programme

OPP is changing the format of its MBTI qualifying programme. The new MBTI Foundation course uses blended learning, with MBTI theory studied via online modules and classroom time dedicated to practical aspects of the training that benefit from group and interactive activities.

OPP is launching a new-format MBTI® qualifying programme, enabling practitioners to train to use the instrument with fewer days in the classroom. The new course applies a blended learning approach to gaining MBTI practitioner status – classroom time is reserved for practical aspects of the training that benefit from group and interactive activities; while online distance learning is used for teaching MBTI theory and a part of the assessment process.

Ingrid Manning, Head of Learning at OPP, comments, “We listened to our customers’ feedback and were keen to minimise their time out of the office without compromising the depth and quality of their learning. We’ve replaced a day of classroom training with interactive distance learning, so participants can discover the power of the MBTI framework at their own pace. Time spent together with other delegates will now focus on experiential learning and lead participants to identify their own path for further exploration of MBTI applications. There is also a bigger focus on building practitioner confidence in applying and making relevant their MBTI insights.”

The newly named MBTI Foundation Programme provides simple, practical and relevant tools throughout the course to enable participants to start applying MBTI Type. It is supported by several newly developed MBTI training materials, including:

  • practitioner feedback cards to better facilitate individual feedback
  • a group feedback kit containing interactive exercises to help clients identify their best-fit
  • a practical desk resource which supports clients’ ongoing development using the MBTI framework.

The first MBTI Foundation Programme is being run in Oxfordshire, UK, on 30th July and will later be rolled out across OPP’s European training centres.