MBTI FIRO and TKI questionnaires now available globally

OPP customers can now access our leading questionnaires and order reports in several new languages, complementing our existing extensive European language coverage.

This will enable organisations with a global presence to administer cross-cultural campaigns seamlessly using OPPassessment.
Instrument Languages
MBTI Step I * Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English (US), Japanese, Portugese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American)
MBTI Step II ** Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English (US), Japanese, Spanish (Latin American)
FIRO-B *** Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English (US)
TKI Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Spanish (Latin American)

* using Form M 93-item questionnaire and US scoring. Form M is a US equivalent of Step I)
** (using Form Q scoring, Form Q is a US equivalent of Step II)
*** (using the 54-item questionnaire and US scoring)

If you are a customer of OPP, we can now offer a one-stop shop for a multitude of questionnaire and report languages available globally, so that you don’t have to contact different distributors if you are running a multinational campaign. This allows you to benefit from one contact, one administration platform and one payment transaction – a more simple model that will maximise your ability to unlock potential in a range of global locations.

To request access to any of these new instruments, please contact our Customer Services team at enquiry@opp.com or on 0845 603 9958.

Visit our language availability page for a full list of the languages in which our questionnaires and reports are available.