European leadership model is changing according to new ETPG report

Leadership in transition, according to European Test Publishers Group.

OPP has supported the European Test Publishers Group (ETPG) in a major study of 1,500 people involved in European leadership, leadership selection and development.

The key findings from the ‘European Organisational Leadership – Taking the Temperature’ report show that leadership is in transition, with 78% of respondents saying that leadership behaviour is changing – and for good reasons. Leaders are increasingly becoming ‘co-employees’ rather than employers, with typical command and control models now being replaced by communicative and collaborative approaches. The new breed of leader focuses on delivering change, creating a vision and standing back and, thanks to advances in communication technology, has a closer relationship with the workforce.

The report identifies seven key influences on leadership behaviour, ranging from a younger workforce to the amount of information streaming through networks. Public sector and private sector leadership are subtly different but as leaders move from one sector to the other, they grow together.