Recruitment and selection

Use personality insights to select new talent and identify future potential

Effective selection processes give your organisation a better way to make informed hiring decisions, pinpointing the best candidates based on your specific job requirements.

Organisations often face pressures to make quick recruitment decisions with minimal financial impact, or have  long-standing traditions prescribing what job selection looks like, whether graduate recruitment or headhunting top leaders. These pressures can hamper good selection decisions. What’s needed are more objective selection tools, wielded with expertise, to transform the process by better predicting job performance. Assessment centres for new hires and high-potential employees take the lottery element out of selection, delivering more dependable and cost-effective recruitment.
  • Improved job performance, better results
  • Cost-effective recruitment – better use of time and resources
  • Better fit between candidates and job requirements
  • Confident recruitment and promotion decisions
  • Higher company morale and retention rates
  • Enhanced employer brand
The Myers-Briggs Company has over 25 years’ experience helping people and organisations to make great selection decisions, ensuring that the right people are identified for the right roles. We have helped organisations such as Siemens and the NHS to identify talent, create development plans or high-potential managers, and upskill HR teams. Our team of consultants includes Registered Occupational Psychologists, who specialise in workplace assessment and use leading-edge psychological techniques to add value to organisations’ selection processes.