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MBTI® Profile Report

Understanding Myers-Briggs personality types

This top-level MBTI Profile Report offers you a simple two-page outline of personalised information about a respondent's type and associated MBTI characteristics.

What you get from the MBTI Profile Report:

  • An outline of MBTI preferences
  • Basic information - Type characteristics, clarity of reported preferences

When to use the MBTI Profile Report:

  • As an entry-level introduction to personality Type
  • With other reports, such as the MBTI Team Report

Please note that the MBTI Profile Report is not suitable for focused development work. Application areas, discussion points or action plans associated with the respondent’s reported Type are not included, and unlike many higher-value reports – such as the MBTI Personal Impact Report and the MBTI Interpretive Report for Organisations – there is no best-fit version of the MBTI Profile Report

Accessing the MBTI Profile Report

This report can be ordered in several languages through OPPassessment by qualified MBTI practitioners.

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Please be aware that you will not be able to order a best fit report from this report.