MBTI Step I Interpretive Report for Organisations

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MBTI® Interpretive Report for Organisations

Highlights working style and workplace preferences

The MBTI Interpretive Report for Organisations describes how an individual's MBTI type may be expressed in an organisational setting. It notes the respondent’s working style and their preferences in the workplace, building on employee strengths and developing areas relevant to your organisation.

This report also includes sections on communication and problem-solving styles, along with personalised suggestions for development. This report is also available as a bundle with the MBTI app.

The MBTI Interpretive Report for Organisations contains

  • The effects of an individual's work style and preferences in work settings
  • Preferred styles of communication
  • Preferred approach to problem-solving

When to use the MBTI Interpretive Report for Organisations

  • Improving communication
  • Developing leadership
  • Enhancing problem-solving

Accessing the MBTI Interpretive Report for Organisations

The MBTI Interpretive Report for Organisations is based on MBTI Step I results and can be generated from either the MBTI Step I or Step II questionnaire. Using the MBTI Step II questionnaire enables a user to start their MBTI Development Journey by exploring Step I preferences, and continue to Step II without the need to complete a further questionnaire.

If a respondent's best-fit type differs from their reported type, a new Best Fit Version of this report can be generated at no extra cost.

This report can be ordered in several languages through OPPassessment by qualified MBTI practitioners.

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