MBTI Communication Style Report

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MBTI® Communication Style Report

Improving individual and team communication skills

The MBTI Communication Style Report uses Myers-Briggs type preferences as a framework for understanding someone’s natural communication style and that of others, improving individual and team communication skills.

This online report helps people understand their communication strengths, offers practical tips for improving communication with others, and suggests steps for development.

The MBTI Communication Style Report contains

  • Preferred styles of communication based on four-letter MBTI type results
  • Practical tips for communicating with others
  • Steps to improving communication skills

When to use the MBTI Communication Style Report

  • Improving communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Team building
  • Developing personal effectiveness

To get some ideas on how to use this report, including free pre-planned workshops and activities, please see the Getting the most out of the Personal Impact Report page.

Accessing the MBTI Communication Style Report

The MBTI Communication Style Report is based on MBTI Step I results and so can be generated from either the MBTI Step I or Step II questionnaire. Using the MBTI Step II questionnaire enables a user to start their MBTI Development Journey by exploring Step I preferences, and continue to Step II without the need to complete a further questionnaire.

If a respondent's best-fit type differs from their reported type, a new Best Fit Version of this report can be generated at no extra cost.

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