FIRO Business Leadership Report

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FIRO Business® Leadership and Profile Report bundle

FIRO Business results in the workplace

Bundle containing FIRO Business Profile and FIRO Business Leadership Report in one pack.

This report bundle is part of the FIRO Business report family, which is designed specifically for use in the workplace, using business-focused language of Involvement, Influence and Connection to describe FIRO theory and questionnaire results. The reports are designed for use with clients who want to understand their interpersonal relationships and gain an understanding of how they influence workplace behaviours.

This combined report pack provides a strong foundation to help develop effective leaders. It measures interpersonal needs in three areas that affect relationships in the workplace: Involvement, Influence, and Connection.

The two-page FIRO Business Profile Report provides a basic summary of assessment results, and is useful in a range of business applications, such as communication workshops and teambuilding.

Features of the Profile Report

  • Measures individuals’ interpersonal needs in two dimensions – how they express those needs to others, and how they want others to express those needs to them
  • Provides a clear and concise description of results and how they affect clients’ interactions with their co-workers

The 13-page FIRO Business Leadership Report provides a comprehensive leadership overview, plus FIRO-based development tips to help individuals improve relationships with direct reports, superiors and peers. Additionally, the report explores key business skills, including influencing and negotiating, decision-making and priority management.

Features of the Leadership Report

  • Presents key insights on influencing and negotiating, making decisions and setting priorities, and relating to direct reports, superiors and peers
  • Effects quick behavioural change by providing specific insights on interpersonal needs
  • Identifies existing communication and interpersonal dynamics that affect leadership success
  • Details strength and development recommendations for improving leadership performance

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