MBTI® Step II Qualifying Programme

Learn who we really are

MBTI Step II goes beyond Step I to reveal the nuances of MBTI personality Types. If Step I is an off-the-peg suit, Step II is the tailored fit that’s made-to-measure.

MBTI logoWhy is it that people with the same four-letter MBTI personality Type can be very different? As we know, people are unique – and behind any given MBTI Type is an individual with their own composition of preferences. All ISTJs are not the same.

The MBTI Step II assessment looks at 20 ‘facets’ – five per preference pair – to reveal how an individual’s Type is really composed. The two-day MBTI Step II training course explains this and shows how you can apply it to the key challenges in organisations, such as communication and decision-making. The MBTI Step II Knowledge Bank provides continued practical support to help you to make the most of your training (see below for contents).

This programme is Continuing Coach Education (CCE) accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Anyone who completes the course will receive:

  • 9 ICF Resource Development hours
  • 3 ICF Core Competency hours
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2 days experiential classroom time, supported by elearning (equivalent to 18 CPD hours)
  • How MBTI Step II builds on Step I and was constructed from ideas by Isabel Myers
  • Techniques for applying MBTI Step II in one-to-one and group settings
  • How to apply Type insights to communication, decision-making, change management and conflict management
  • Why the same MBTI personality Types differ in their expression of Type
  • How MBTI Step II can shed light on issues that are unresolved with Step I
  • How to give feedback and deliver your own team events.

Traditional ‘lecturing’ is kept to a minimum – the programme accommodates different learning styles. As well as the workshops, the programme includes:

  • online learning
  • interactive exercises
  • mix of group and individual work
  • individual coaching on your feedback skills

The course is delivered by experienced MBTI practitioners who are both expert trainers and coaches.

  • Help more people and organisations by using a richer understanding of personality Type
  • Enhance your coaching, leadership, change management, conflict resolution and decision-making delivery with the detailed insights from the MBTI Step II Interpretive Report
  • Make the most of your learning and delivery with the MBTI Step II Knowledge Bank online, which includes:
    • Feedback preparation sheets
    • Videos explaining how to handle feedback with more challenging profiles
    • Facet exercises to explore Step II insights with groups and teams
    • Discussion sheets for each preference pair
    • Academic papers for background reading supporting
    • The MBTI Step II European Data Supplement
    • Fun and impactful ways to present and share Step II profiles (Personal Typies and Team Typies)
  • Free materials, such as MBTI® Step II Feedback Cards, are included in the course
  • MBTI-qualified practitioners

MBTI Step II is especially useful for practitioners working with:

  • team development
  • leadership development
  • communication
  • conflict management
  • decision-making
  • managing change
  • coaching
  • Join a public programme – see the calendar below to book on a course in the UK. Based outside the UK? Find your local training partner.
  • Hold or join an in-house training programme - can’t find a date in our public schedule that works for you - or want to train several people within your organisation at the same time? Find out more about in-house training.

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