Inclusive Leadership: Harnessing Diversity of Thought

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Inclusive leadership


Diverse organizations make better decisions and perform better. But only 31% of employees think their leaders promote an inclusive team environment.* This is a problem because it discourages diversity and the benefits diversity brings.

Inclusive Leadership: Harnessing Diversity of Thought teaches leaders the behaviors and skills needed to drive a culture of inclusion and enhance performance, a fundamental part of any successful DE&I strategy. Leaders deep dive into “diversity of thought”—how people differ in their perceptions, experiences, backgrounds, work styles, values, and personality types.

They’ll work through the core competency model for practicing inclusion to build self-awareness and inspire change. The workshop also reveals how to recognize one’s bias and productively work through conflict that can arise from differences.

*Gartner (2019)

Who Is It For?


The Inclusive Leadership workshop can be scheduled on its own or as a follow-up workshop for managers and leaders who have already completed the MBTI Essentials Workshop.

Workshop Format

Participants will receive:

Workshop Content

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** Sessions starts at 2 hours each and increase in length as the number of participants increase.

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