Numbers Exercise

Short, impactful exercise for MBTI® group sessions

Use this Icebreaker exercise to help people see and experience the MBTI framework’s benefits.

This MBTI numbers exercise illustrates the relevance and usefulness of a framework. It’s also a useful tool to counter the ‘MBTI puts everyone in a box’ argument, as the framework it demonstrates is about understanding where things are in relation to one another.

Free to download and use, this nifty MBTI exercise was conceived and presented by Thomas Lorenz and Angelika Hӧcker in their book 30 Minuten Wert-voll leben. We first highlighted it in our blog (complete with video demonstration), and we are very grateful to the authors for allowing us to share it with practitioners.

All in all, it’s a fascinating, simple and fun way to get people thinking about the MBTI framework.

Feel free to apply your own template and edit the slides to fit your own presentation; but, if you choose to use it in one of your sessions, please reference The Myers-Briggs Company and the authors.