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Posted 26 October 2018 by
Jeff Hayes

For the last several years, we’ve been on an exciting and transformative journey to strengthen our partnership with all our customers. We had three important objectives we wanted to achieve when we began this journey:

First, we wanted to increase our global presence so that we could better support our customers and partners around the world.

Second, we wanted to better address your challenges and priorities by broadening our offerings and services leveraging new technologies and the latest industry innovations.

Last, we didn’t want you to have to search everywhere for different tools for your people development needs. We wanted to become a “one stop shop” for all the assessments, trainings, support and programs you might need to make your organization successful. Or to help other organizations be successful. 

To realize this vision, we first acquired our European partner (OPP) to enhance our talent, skills, research capabilities and thought leadership. You can read more about that here

Together, our two organizations have worked tirelessly to develop new and innovative offerings, creating a new mission: to inspire everyone to lead more successful and fulfilling lives.

And together, we created a new vision for our united company. By enriching people’s understanding of themselves and others, we will inspire the world, one world at a time.  

We want to inspire the world. We want to change the world for the better. And if you’ve been working with us, this probably resonates with you because you’re in the business of helping people too. 

Because people are incredible. And incredibly complex. 

To show our unwavering support for our mission and vision, we have become a Certified B Corporation® through B Lab® (and a registered California Benefit Corporation). While we’ve always known the work we do, and the work you do with us, is in service of helping people, joining a growing movement of organizations around the world who see value in using business as a force for good takes it a step further. It pushes us to be better as an organization and helps us be accountable to the highest standards. 

The culmination of all this work is our transformation from CPP and OPP into The Myers-Briggs Company.

Together we’ve created this new force for good in the world.

Our reach is broader. Our offerings and services are more comprehensive and innovative than ever before. But most important of all, we’re moving forward with the focused goal of partnering with you to address all your people development needs and priorities.

Welcome to The Myers-Briggs Company. 


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